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Inflation Proof Investment With 8-12% Rental Yield And 20% IRR. Safe Investment Portfolio Monthly
Rental Returns + Capital Appreciation

Pre Leased Commercial Property

Highyield Safe Investment

The Grade A Property is situated at premium location of BANER, Pune.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire an IT Zone Property in Pune with a Grade A tenant at an attractive capital value.

Pre Leased Commercial Property Offered By Highyield Ensure :


Rental Yield


Projected IRR

Minimum Investment

Generate 9% Returns On Investment

While Residential property provide you yield of only 2-4% ,

Commercial Pre -Leased Properties offer 8-12% of Rental Yield with Capital Appreciation.

Pre-leased property is a property sold to GRADE Tenant. The lease will be transferred to new owner with transfer of property.

Why highyield?

Highyield Commercial Property


Instant Returns

Grade A Tenant

No Stamp Duty

No Tenant Search


Returns From Commercial Property


Ideal Location

Pune’s Hot Spot for IT  Industry by economic times. Over 100+ MNC’s growth hub. Baner is top developing area in pune,

Investing in a developing project in this area is bound to skyrocket when it comes to returns.

Fixed Returns

Earn monthly assured returns , average  9% on the investment, along with capital appreciation calculated annually and 10% annual increment on property. This makes Highyield Baner Capital one of the best profit generating asset.

Grade A Property

Highest quality building built with top amenities, high-income earning tenants and low vacancy rates. Grade A property is  professionally managed, typically demand the highest rent with little or no deferred maintenance issues.


No Maintenance

Unlike other properties, Pre Leased Commercial Properties are maintained by Highyield, we take care of Property damages, renovations, furniture wear and tear along with cleaning and floor management. 

Low Ticket Size

Break the barrier of high ticket size to own commercial property with Highyield.

Now own commercial property at Pune’s IT zone and Grade A tenant with ticket size as low as INR 10 lakhs.

Easy Liquidity

This is New Age Real Estate Investment option, We offer complete exit support to the owner manage the documentations, legal procedures & new ownership search and   ownership transfer.

Pre Leased Commercial Property

20 Year Investment Forecast


i.e. Easy Calculate Investment: 20 Lacs

Rental Yield : Rs. 35,35,888 Rent + 1,34,55,000 Capital appreciation* = 1,69,90,888 Total Monetary Benefit.


Why Fractional Ownership?

Real Estate is Expensive

Equality of Benefits

Geographical Restriction

100% Legal Property

Assured Return

Grade A Tenant

Simple & Easy Investment

Assest Rigidity

highyield Process

How To Get Started?

Calculate Your Investment

Decide Your Investment Amount

Earn Monthly Returns

Enjoy Capital Appreciation

Sell Property With Complete Support

highyield Process

Our FAQs

What is fractional ownership?

Fractional Ownership is a method in which several investors come together to pool in money to make an investment. The income or returns generated from this investment is then shared by the investors in proportion to their investment amounts. For example – 3 investors invest Rs 20,000 each to buy a single property worth Rs 60,000. Each investor will receive 1/3rd i.e. 20,000/60,000 of the returns generated by this property over the investment period. It can hence be said that each investor has a 1/3rd or 33.3% ownership of the property i.e. a fractional ownership.

Is the property sanctioned?

Yes, the property is IT Commercial Sanctioned, i.e. designed to benefit IT companies for a long term tenure. This sanctioning process requires rigorous documentation process.

What is authenticity of the property?

The Property is already constructed and been on lease for past 5 years. This property has been through many property checks and documentation checks before finally offering for the pre leased status. Highyield purchases and then renovates as per the requirement of the tenant and proceeds with the 5 year aggreement, property history has been studied by the experts since 1937. Highyiled checks the tenant’s liability and market share before presenting to the fractional owners.

What is appreciation rate?

Highyield has mapped the entire pune region and strategically come up with this location which is near hinjewadi. We have calculated 10-12% of appreciation rate in IT focused zone.

What if the tenant leaves the property, who will be responsible for finding new tenant?

Highyield has mapped the entire pune region and strategically come up with this location which is near hinjewadi. We have calculated 10-12% of appreciation rate in IT focused zone.


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